Security, Surveillance & Visitor Management


Protect your business, your school or your city 24/7 with industry-proven surveillance solutions. You can ensure that there’s always someone looking out for you even when no one is around. You’ll know what’s going on anytime from anywhere, all from your computer or mobile device. We’ll help you design the perfect system for your needs and budget – at no cost to you.

Safe Academic Environment

Surveillance cameras will help to protect students and staff from the threat of harassment and violence. The 24-hour live monitoring system prevents intruders at night and the alarm feature prevents intruders from escaping. Able to withstand violent impact, cameras offer all the necessary features to maintain a peaceful environment within the academic institution.

Suitable for monitoring school play-grounds, buses, hallways, training gym, lunches and classrooms. Ensures the safety of students and staff, and prevents damages to school property.

Create a Safe City

Create a city where residents feel protected and improve the image of the city by guaranteeing safety. In a city where nobody can predict what will happen next, it is crucial to be prepared for all occasions by monitoring with a surveillance camera. Cameras provide safety to the city’s residents by recording clear images even during fog and rain.

Protect Financial Institutions from Various Crimes

Advanced security is crucial for financial institutions, which are constantly at risk of crime. Utilize  surveillance cameras to ensure safe and legitimate transactions. Monitor the lobby and ATMs with Panasonic’s advanced security system to protect your customers from criminals. In the unlikely incident that there is crime within the workforce, clear security footage of the office and vault will help solve the problem efficiently.





Let those you want in, but keep the people you don’t… out. We build integrated systems that allow you to secure your entrances, monitor visitors and help to reduce inventory loss and theft.

Designing for Educational Security

Stop unwanted intruders at the front door by implementing an Aiphone video intercom system. Our video options provide the ability to see and speak with visitors before letting them in your school. Include classroom communication, bell scheduling, and paging for an entire campus, while also providing complete access control to multiple schools at the district level.

Designing for Government Security

Keep doors locked and identify visitors before authorizing them into your facility. Aiphone systems provide entry security and communication to government buildings at any of the three levels: local, federal, or abroad.


Winsted command consoles, workstations, rack mount consoles and monitor walls can be found in security – surveillance command centers, industrial process control rooms, network operations centers, military command centers, power/utility control rooms, and data centers the world over. From complete control rooms to single operator command center consoles, Winsted has the depth and breadth of products necessary to provide you with the right technical furniture for your application.