IP Access Control Solutions for Government

Federal, state and local government leaders face a wide range of challenges when it comes to securing critical infrastructure-from protecting assets, the network and sensitive government data, to securing public buildings, transportation hubs and utilities. Government leaders have the additional challenge of having to manage thousands of staff members and multiple locations nationwide, face budget and staffing constraints and must evolve to meet ever-changing security demands.

IP-based access control provides a reliable, scalable, easy to manage and cost-effective access control solution for federal, state and local government buildings.

  • Education
  • Healthcare: Access Control
  • Government
  • Financial: Access Control
  • Retail
Control and Restrict Access

Manage who is allowed and restricted to physically enter federal, state, local government and public service buildings, during the day and after-hours. Control access to parking structures, administrative offices, record rooms, specific floors of buildings, utilities, and restricted access areas.

Manage staff Turnover

Manage permissions and credentials for staff centrally, and remotely. Any change in staff status can be easily and immediately entered into the system from anywhere with an internet connection, including a smartphone, simplifying administrative management.

Protect valuable
network infrastructure

Protect important files, programs, electronic documents and other sensitive information, along with network equipment and infrastructure.

Protect the public
and employees

Protect the community and your staff with real-time alerts and remote facility lockdown capabilities during an emergency or unwanted event.

Simplify Administration

Simplify the management of credentials, cardholders and access privileges for multiple doors, at multiple locations, with remote, centralized administration.

Secure Public Utilities

Keep public utilities such as natural gas, electric, water treatment facilities and infrastructure secure with restricted, controlled access.

Expand you system as
your needs grow

Grow your access control system one door or reader at a time. Or expand your system to include hundreds of doors across multiple buildings locations-locally or around the world.